About Octosavvi

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Octosavvi LLC was established by Kenny McElroy (me!) to do fun stuff for a living.

Are you looking for help with projects like these?

  • Embedded system security evaluation, reverse engineering or rooting
  • Electronic device prototyping, modification or otherwise soldering tiny stuff
  • Mechanical lock security evaluation, bypass development or destructive testing
  • Site/campus physical security evaluation, testing or awareness campaigning
  • Rapid prototyping with laser cutting/engraving, PCB routing or 3D printing
  • Organizing conferences, workshops or other events

Are you interested in training for topics like these?

  • Finding secrets hidden in hardware
  • Platform design security
  • Embedded communication protocol weaknesses
  • Hardware fuzzing automation
  • Soldering, from basics to production
  • How locks work and how they can be defeated
  • Lock and entry essentials

If so, email Kenny:cookie:octosavvi.com or send me a DM @octosavvi.